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Samsung Galaxy S5 wallet

Phonewallet is now available as a Samsung Galaxy S5 wallet.

Phonewallet makes carrying your Samsung Galaxy S3 to S5 phone and wallet simple, by keeping your phone, photo ID, credit / ATM / business cards and money in the one sleek wallet.

Made from 100% leather, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Phonewallet is slim enough to be slipped into your pocket and the design protects your Samsung S3 to S5 and credit cards.

Making a phonewallet for a Samsung Galaxy S5 wallet provided space for an additional credit card slot; a feature pointed out by a buyer as a bonus.

Available in 100% black leather, with a natural coloured suede lining to protect your phone. No imitation leather like you find on eBay.

Buy now for A$60.00
This phonewallet offers 7 card slots. A patient buyer, Ian, did some research and stated, "I Have been having a good look around at phone wallets and frankly none have the features (credit card space and configuration) that yours does. Please hurry up and get one to suit HTC one xl; not just for me but for the thousands of other discerning buyers."

Ian became the first buyer and responded with, "Hi Terry, the wallet arrived today as per your advice. May I say how impressed I am with the design and finish of the product. The phone fits perfectly, the provision for cards and cash more than satisfies my needs. Thank you for the professional service you have provided and feel free to use these comments if you feel that it would be appropriate.

This phonewallet is also an option for those seeking the means to carry their phone, with similar dimensions to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and their wallet. It is not restricted to the Samsung Galaxy S3 to S5 phones, as was the case with Ian's HTC One XL.

Be sure to check the phonewallet page to fully appreciate the benefits of the right handed design. Also check how the cardstar application can help take any bulk out of your wallet. Loyalty cards can now stored on your smartphone. No more unnecessary bulky wallet!

The buy now page also shows testimonials from past satisfied buyers.

Phonewallet donates $5 from every purchase for a Samsung wallet to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

The phonewallet home page shows you the other charities supported and the past donation details.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed 100% for your Samsung wallet.

As with all phonewallets, buy with confidence. If with your not satisfied with this phonewallet for your Samsung or other phone, I will give a full refund including your return postage costs and there are no charges for restocking.

Check the phonewallet eBay store image below for the 100% satisfaction rating of past phonewallet eBay buyers.
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