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  • Are there any openings on the phone pocket to access the headphone socket and dock connector on an iPhone? [+]
    No. The current phonewallet is more for the convenience of carrying your iPhone and wallet as one. A modification was undertaken to allow full access to all of the iPhone features. Yet to receive an expected time frame as past samples were deemed unsuitable by the manufacturer. My manufacturer is committed to quality and we will not compromise for a time schedule. Finally received a sample which was meant to allow access to the full iPhone screen, unfortunately similar to existing iPhone wallets available, the modification still had the issue of the screen being obstructed on the sides from the leather casing. Presenting issue is noticed when trying to type an email or a text message and you cannot access the keys closest to the edges of the iPhone.

    Still exploring options to allow full screen access for those seeking it. The issue is that current iPhone wallets with full access are very limited with functioning as an everyday wallet, given the limited card slots. Seeking an option that allows full screen access, yet able to contain multiple card slots and still have the soft touch of leather.
  • Consideration of a magnetic clasp / closure? [+]
    Yes considered and decided no. I initially decided to not have a magnetic clasp as I did not want to add anything that may catch a pocket or impede the phonewallet being placed in pockets, more a guy thing than a girl thing. I am aware that options do exist which have magnets built into other wallets. I later learnt of concerns that there can be issues with magnets effecting iPhones from an apple support article http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2342.
  • Protection for an iPhone 5? [+]
    For those worried about not having a case on your iPhone 5, you now have many slim solutions to provide protection to your iPhone 5 and still be comfortable using a phonewallet. Check the compatibility page to see the Zagg invisible shield option.
  • Will a cover on my iPhone 4 still fit in the Phonewallet? [+]
    Yes, especially if you buy the large phonewallet. Initially I thought only a MicroShell cover would work. I have since heard of people squeezing a HTC Desire phone in at 119mm and of another user with a protective case on their iPhone 4 into the standard phonewallet. I still recommend that you only have your iPhone or a MicroShell case for the standard phonewallet.

    I am also aware that the Apple issued iPhone 4 bump case will fit in the standard phonewallet after getting the phonewallet used to the extra length. If you have a history of dropping your iPhone, then I would recommend you buy the large phonewallet and have a protective case on your iPhone.

    The mothers whom I work with highlighted the need to have the larger phonewallet as well, given the need for an essential protective cover on their iPhone, which is often used as child tamer.

    The larger phonewallet was designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S I and II models and the HTC Desire HD, this might be a better fit for any iPhones with thicker protective cases. Other phones with covers can fit in the phone pocket, just check your dimensions with the compatibility page.
  • Is there a section to put coins in the wallet? [+]

    No. The Phonewallet is designed to be as slim and soft as possible. When you have your credit or bank cards and some cash folded within the wallet, it is still slimmer than existing hard leather phone cases.
  • Can I buy a phonewallet from a store? [+]
    Leather Phonewallets are available from Wynyard Chiropractic Level 3, 74 Pitt street Sydney, Tel: 02 9235 2464
  • Which smartphones are suitable for a phonewallet? [+]
    All iPhone models, Samsung S1 to S5, and other smartphones of similar dimensions.
Any other questions, please send an email to phonewallet@me.com or phone, 0423 046 036 within Australia, 61 423 046 036 for International.
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