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0423 046 036 National
+61 423 046 036 International
Phonewallet ABN 79 153 617 911

Postage and delivery

Postage and handling costs are included in the price of your Phonewallet. We use Australia Post to deliver worldwide.
Deliveries for major Australian interstate cities should take no more than 4 business days, although Western Australia and parts of Queensland have taken over a week for some deliveries.

International orders can take up to 10 business days, as advised by Australia Post.
Test mailings revealed, from Sydney (Thursday) to:

  • Palm Springs, California and New York City, USA (arrived Friday, 1week later)
  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA (arrived Saturday, 1 week later)
  • Peterborough, UK ( arrived the following Tuesday)

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars (A$).